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Refinishing the airbag

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As documented in many places the surface of the airbag cover is not the best part of the car. Mine was heavily scuffed and as sticky as a wet postage stamp. A few weeks ago I pulled it and sprayed it with black plastidip. I was unable to get the sticky surface clean enough and end up with an unsatisfactory amount of schmutz showing throughout he plastidip. Last night I figured out the solution: lacquer thinner.

Once I pulled off the previous coat of plastidip, I used a wash cloth with lacquer thinner to try to clean the schmutz sticking to the original airbag coating. I noticed the coating starting to discolor and realized the black on the airbag is actually a coating over a base grey plastic that is the actual airbag cover. After a few minutes of scrubbing I had this:

After another half-hour of scrubbing:

This left an excellent clean surface for the plastidip which looks factory fresh. I opted to plastidip the outer ring black as I didn't have anything that would match the silver.


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It doesn't look too bad without platidip. Can you confirm or are the pictures more than due justice?
I thought about that as well. but there is a bit of coating in the crevasses that I couldn't get out and I didn't think the color went with the rest of the interior. The pictures are accurate. so if you have a storm car, maybe it would work. The silver paint around the edge trim is also difficult to get off.

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Looks very nice! I was just talking to someone about this little mod the other day and how the plastidip has held up very well. I clean it with interior cleaner and a cloth and it still looks great after almost 2 year.
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