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Remote for Blaupunkt Radio

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I do love gadgets, so I couldn't resist getting the remote control for the standard Blaupunkt Los Angeles MP72 radio that came with the Elise. Sweet! Yes, the radio is an easy reach, but it's always easier to have a control in the palm of your hand. And better still, the one I got can be mounted directly to the rim of the steering wheel, so you can just use your thumb to control the radio. Very sweet!

The manual lists the compatible remotes as RC 08, RC 10 and RC 10H. (I think the 10H is a standard handheld, while the others are wheel-mount.) Not listed is the one I got -- RC 09. It's identical to the wheel-mounted ones, but it has an extra switch so it can be used with a Blaupunkt nav system, I think. I don't have the nav system, but I got the remote cheap on ebay.

The remote doesn't control all functions, just the basics:
- Media (Radio, CD, MP3)
- Volume up and down
- Mute
- CD Track selection
- Radio station

Nice thing about the remote: it lets you easily scan thru ALL of your FM presets -- when it gets to the last one in each bank of presets, it just moves to the next bank. IIRC, you can't do that on the radio itself -- you have to manually switch between banks, and press the button assigned to each.

Check ebay, or do a Google search. I think the lowest non-ebay price I found for a wheel-mounted one was $40, but most places wanted $50 or $60. The handheld is cheaper.

Unfortunately, the Los Angeles doesn't come with a remote receiver built in. The remote receiver comes with the remote, and you have to plug it into the back of the radio, then mount the remote receiver on the dash. But installation was easy. Here's what I did:

- Used the wire tools (insert into the front of the radio) to release the radio from its mount.
- Slid the radio out from the front, and plugged in the remote receiver into the back.
- Duct-taped the wire to the top of the radio, so it ran out the front, in the middle.
- Mounted the remote receiver directly over the radio, between the 2 air vents. There's a tiny bit of wire showing, but not much. I'm not anal enough to care. If you are, I'm sure you can spend hours running the wire somewhere better!

Whole thing took less than 30 minutes.

I haven't mounted the remote on the wheel yet, but I've attached a pic of me holding it in place, so you can get some idea. Not sure if I'll mount it or not.


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It comes with a rubber strap that attaches to the back of the remote, and wraps around the wheel, snapping onto itself. Once installed, you just cut off the extra length with scissors. IIRC, the remote comes with 2 or 3 different "backs", for diff wheel curvatures. It fits pretty well. I didn't make my strap really tight, so it does slide just a bit on the wheel once in a while, but when it does, I just slide it back into place, and it tends to stay there.
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