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REV300 & boost gauge

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Hi, wonder where to tap boost for a boost gauge on REV300 kit. Anyone can help? :bow:
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If you look at the supercharger, you will see two ports located on the top of the drivers side. One if those will do just fine. Its what I used on my 300 setup with a Zeitronix boost gauge. I think it was blocked off by a 1/4 in brass plug.

Corvus, any pics of your install?
Yeah. Working mids right now. I'll PM you with my number. Pics are on my phone, so it's easier to text them to you. I'm heading into work now, but will be able to send them in the morning. Is your install complete? If not I can give you a few tips. Make sure you check out the Zeitronix gauge setup. It runs both boost and AFR on the same gauge face and is easy to install. I ended up putting mine in one of the center vents. You can also hook up a third input if you want. The boost sensor goes in right next to the IAT sensor that Phil includes with the kit.

OK, here a pic of my boost gauge.

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Looks nice! What is average boost psi?
Thanks! :) My gauge measures in BAR, not psi. It is indicating 0,6 bar (10psi)
Forgot to mention, it also reads the the oil temp and oil pressure and Volt.
I taped the return line from the intercooler 3 inches before the intake manifold. it works just fine. If i would of had the manifold off i probably would have drilled and taped that instead. I did turn the threaded barb down some to that it did not protrude in the intake pipe to far.
Here are some pics of my setup with an Autometer gauge:

I get about 9psi out of my REV300 setup.
I think the engine side of the manifold would be the correct place to put it. Ask Phil to be sure but I know on the rev 400 kits there is a nice threaded spot for a sensor.

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