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Executive Summary: The tune will improve the power throughout the RPM range, cure a rough start up idle, and cure idle problems in the rain. It feels like we traded for a new Exige.

Vehicle: 2007 Exige S ~60,000 miles

We recently had Phil @ BOE Fabrication install a new pulley (3.0) and KoldFire 270 tune and the results have been fantastic. This tune added significant amounts of horsepower and torque throughout the range and very much improved the low rpm street performance. We couldn't ask for anything more from such a simple upgrade.

Torque & Horsepower:

The KoldFire 270 added significant power thoughout the entire RPM range, which is easily seen in the dyno chart below:

Keep in mind that our car has over 60,000 miles on it, with no repairs other than fluid changes, so it is reasonable to think that it is down in power compared to a lower mileage Exige S. We were putting down 212 HP & 158lb/ft of torque at the wheels before the flash. The Koldfire 270 added roughly 50 HP & 20 lb/ft at the wheels! That is a ~20% increase in power from a simple tune.

More importantly, however, the Koldfire 270 smoothed out the dips in our powerband. If you look closely at the graph, the lb/ft at 7000 RPM went from 110 before the tune to 170 lb/ft after the tune - an improvement of 60 lb/ft or ~40% more torque at 7000 RPM. The HP increases at 7000 RPM were similarly impressive.

Our Exige idled poorly at times, especially when it was wet out. When cold, it would threaten to stall at traffic lights and would stumble at low RPMs when cold. The Koldfire tune completely solved this problem.

The rough idle is gone as is the cold low RPM stumbling. The car also exhibits none of the earlier problems in wet weather. The improvements have very much improved the everyday drivability and enjoyability of our Exige.

The Koldfire 270 improved the throttle response noticeably. The power seems to come on much quicker and at much lower RPMs than before. This makes the car much more enjoyable on the street and when you're getting on the throttle. The improvement in throttle response may be due to the pulley as well as the tune.

The Koldfire 270 offers an amazing performance improvement to the Exige S. I highly recommend it regardless of what your car's primary use it. This would be a good buy at 3 times the price - it is really a no brainer at this price.
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