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Instead of going up to Park Place, I decided to try out Ron Tonkin Gran Turismo for my service needs. I can tell you that the customer service I recieved before, during, and after the service was completed was top notch! All emails were responded to within the same day, but most were returned within an hour of being sent. Kelly was kind, courteous, and very knowledgable. Anything he didn't know as sent off to those who did and the answer was still usually received within the same day.

Along with some service items, I had a couple of parts installed as well. There was a slight issue with one of the parts, but they were able to take care of me to my satisfaction.

As I'm further south than the majority of Washington owners (Olympia area), travel time to Portland was almost as long as trying to get to Bellevue since I normally get stuck on 405 for the same amount of time as it took me to get to 405 :(

All in all, I'd highly recommend Ron Tonkin!
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