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I've been a long time Lotus fan, dating back to my days at the U of Miami (Fl) when I saw a TC Europa, and saw the tall thin guy (like me) fold himself into it. Sitting at home is a 90 Esprit that hasn't been started in a few years, and I've suddenly felt the urge to get it back on the road.

Nothing major wrong with the Esprit, it's just been sitting dormant while I went through several job and domestic upheavals. Time to get the rocket ship back on the road. It needs a cam belt change, need to replace the chargecooler impeller (I have a new one), and all the odds and ends that go with leaving an exotic like this sitting still. Wouldn't mind finding new dash panels for it, the old ones have cracks, and I always preferred the dark wood to the light, anyway. I'll have to do the belt change myself, easier than trying to find someone I trust.

Also time to dispose of my two Europas, as I'll never find the time to get the one put back on the road, plus I need to fund a paint job for the Esprit. The complete one is a jewel, a 72 TC in euro trim: lower front suspension, dellorto carbs, develops that ear splitting shriek of a formula ford engine at 6k, fast as a thief. It was my streetable autocrosser 15 years ago, and it was an unholy terror, never felt a car that would change direction so quickly. Needs a lot of work, but I have a lot of the parts. Plus a 74 Special that has been rolled over, but has a good engine and transaxle. I'll work up photos and prices.

Yes, would love to have an Elise, but that's just not in the financial cards right now. The Esprit is more than enough. Even after all these years, it still looks quite modern.

Anyway, good to find this group. It's high time I got my blood flowing again.
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