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I think this is round three or four of my "stuff I have installed on my car and
my thoughts on the things I have installed on my car" series.

This episode covers the recent RLS goodies I got!

Things I invested in:

*RLS Intercooler
*RLS 3-Chamber Shroud
*RLS Carbon Fiber Heat Shield w/ gold foil
*RLS Supplemental Cooling Scoops

*WARNING* There are lots of pics down there... so if you have slow
internet, press back... QUICK!!!!

** Also, a couple of the pictures were taken with a cell phone and the
quality isn't amazing, but it works :)


I decided to go with this kit off the bat because I had experienced a good
deal of heatsoak with my Exige S prior. In fact, a few of you already know
my story of driving the car home after buying it... I started to experience
heat soak (and it's massive loss of power) and I was pretty angry because I
thought I had bought a lemon or the seller had pulled a fast one on me.

Luckily he didn't, it was just dreaded heatsoak! So, I have wanted to get rid
of it since day one.

Everything got here pretty quickly (within a week I had all the parts I

This is everything as it was packaged.

This is everything opened up and the shroud attached to the intercooler.

This is the supplemental cooling kit. I supplied the zip ties (More on that

This is the carbon fiber heat shield (the visible side).

This is the "heat reflective foil" on the back of the heat shield. It is actually
almost like a fiberglass covered in gold foil. Very cool :)

The first thing that stood out to me was how insanely well the intercooler
was built. The welds looked like a roll of dimes (or rather like 30 rolls!) were
tipped over by someone with OCD. A total work of art!

These pictures REALLY don't do the thing justice!

While my stock and RLS intercoolers were OFF, I decided to take some
"comparison" pictures...

Here they are side-by-side (ignore the vase and stuff. It is not included with
the RLS kit):

The RLS intercooler is almost 2x the size of the stock intercooler, and it has
a LOT more mass than the stock one as well. The stock one is made out of
VERY flimsy metal, so it is no surprise that it cannot hold that much heat.

The biggest "shock" is when you compare the internals of the stock
intercooler to the RLS intercooler...



The pictures, again, don't do justice to exactly how much "better" the RLS
intercooler is compared to the stock version.

On to the instructions! I don't have many pictures for this... I'm sorry :(

STEP 1-- Remove intercooler pipes. You will need to use an
8mm socket on a ratchet to remove the "driver's front" intercooler clamp, so
might as well just use the same thing for the rest of the clamps. Tape and
cover the four openings left when you remove the tubes (one on each end of
the intercooler, one coming out of the supercharger, one going in to the

STEP 2-- Remove the intercooler. You will need to remove the four
13mm bolts on top of the intercooler mounts (one on each corner) as well as
loosen up the clamp that goes on the shroud. Lift off the intercooler.

STEP 3-- Remove the passenger side intercooler bracket. You will
need to remove the two 12mm bolts holding it on to the block. Remove the
two 13mm nylock nuts holding the rubber intercooler isolators from the
bottom of the mount. This mount is now totally useless.

STEP 4-- Remove the two 14mm nylock nuts on the bottom of the
drivers side intercooler bracket. Drill two 8mm holes-- the bottom hole is 1/2"
down and 1/2" to the left of the current hole. The top hole is 1/2" up and
1/2" to the left of the current hole.

STEP 5-- Attach the carbon fiber heat shield to the supplied carbon
fiber passenger intercooler bracket using the stock isolators. Place the heat
shield + bracket combo back on the block and use the 12mm bolts you took
off the original bracket to bolt it back on.

STEP 6-- Attach the rubber isolators on the drivers side mount using
the new holes. Tighten everything up.

STEP 7-- Place the RLS Intercooler + Shroud combo on the four
rubber isolators. Place the four nylock nuts on the top and tighten
everything down. Attach the clamp and bellow to the 3-chamber shroud.
Tighten it up. Attach the intercooler pipes back on (AFTER removing the
tape you used to cover everything up!!!)

STEP 8-- Attach the aeroduct to the left and right chambers. Clamp it
down! Stuff the aeroduct down the sides of the car and put it near the side

STEP 9-- Remove the side scoops using a 3mm allen key or allen head
+ ratchet. Install the bracket + carbon fiber supplemental scoops. Attach
the aeroduct to the carbon fiber scoops. Clamp it down!

STEP 10-- Reattach the side scoops. Give the car a once over.


It might seem like a lot of work, but it really isn't. It's pretty simple.

This is the finished package:

Aside from the performance gains... the engine bay looks LOADS more
"exotic" now. It is actually a sight to behind instead of a bunch of metal.



I don't think I ever REALLY understood how much heatsoak was a killer on
the Exige S and I think I know why.

Lotus doesn't let you really drive the car (you can't go in to second cam,
etc.) until the car is fully warmed up. However, by the time you are actually
"warmed up" your intercooler is already experiencing heatsoak and your ECM
is cutting back power to deal with it. So, you never experience the TRUE
power of the car until you fix this situation.

I can't begin to explain how much of a difference this system makes....

I was, literally, flooring it at EVERY light for almost 20 miles or so, and it had
just the same massive amount of power that it had before than it had after.
On top of that, on the way BACK, I was stuck in 405 traffic (People in LA
know about it... people from other places have probably heard about it :p)
and I STILL had massive amounts of power every time I was able to actually

The car is at MAX power ALL the time.

So, not only do you get a boost in power from the system, but that boost in
power stays on ALL the time, instead of for the first five minutes.

I can't suggest this system enough. It is something that really should have
come from factory. This is "exotic" level performance!


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looking at your pictures, im thinking the air ducts and shroud might be on my winter mod list...

lotus= money pit.. but then again, so is any car. meh.

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Great thread... most people with basic skills can complete this without much difficulty.

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Yeah these guys bought a new intercooler, so easy to install. I have to scrape the plastic OE shroud off to put on the 3 chamber. :wallbang: And still cannot buy 3 chamber unless someone buys my skirts! another :wallbang:

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Yeah these guys bought a new intercooler, so easy to install. I have to scrape the plastic OE shroud off to put on the 3 chamber. :wallbang: And still cannot buy 3 chamber unless someone buys my skirts! another :wallbang:


I have so many stock parts too, and not sure want to sell it or not. As it is no use for me anymore. But I am afraid may need to do government inspection again, if I got stopped again.

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Awesome write up. I think people loose perspective and don't realize that unless you fix things like the intercooler, it doesn't matter what your ECU remap does or how much more boost you've managed to get out of the car. It's like a computer with a super fast chip held back by a slow bus.

BRG carries a bunch of aftermarket parts for Lots but RLS has a special place in my heart because they are great engineers that understand the principles behind their work and apply that knowledge in effective and relatively inexpensive solutions. Without making changes like these, all the upgraded superchargers and ECU remaps won't do you a darn bit of good or at least won't fulfill their potential.


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Really nice writeup. Just about to do same with my car.

Wondering what sealet/adhesive you(and others) have used to attach the CF Shroud to the intercooler?

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I used silicone window sealant >:)

I called the tech line and they said it was able to handle up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. Most silicone adhesives you see are the same stuff just rebranded over and over again. EG. they would put this sealant in a new bottle that says "high temp 500+ degrees" and so on.

I have had no problems so far.

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I'm going to bump this because I put a lot of work in it and I want more people to see it!


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I made some inexpensive supplemental scoops by modding some plastic brake cooling inlets. I then made some simple brackets using some thin aluminum sheet and riveted the aluminum bracket to the plastic scoops. I attached the brackets and scoop assembly to the car using the factory scoop cover screws. and mounting points. The total cost for the scoops was approx. $40.00. I also decided to go with heat shielding hose that was on sale at Hoer racing.


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I haven't run it at the track yet. My main goal is to reduce the loss of power due to heat soak.
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