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Hi All. I am really late to the party on fitting a BOE Clam Hinge kit to my beloved Lotus Elise.

I purchased a set of side scoops from GRP last year and absolutely love them, but having just gone through the process of removing the rear clam for some supercharger maintenance recently, I have been giving serious though to the BOE hinge kit. I know these two products need some adaption to play nicely together.

I know the RLS brackets are not available anymore, so I guess my first question is if anyone has the instruction set for how the kit got around the challenges, and if they'd be kind enough to share them with me. I looked online and have not been able to find them.

I'd also be interested in hearing about homemade solutions for this challenge if other members would be willing to share what they did to achieve a solution. Anyone have solutions that made these products jive before I buy the hinge kit?
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