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What car do you drive now? You can learn a lot in almost any car at the track.

Assuming it's mechanically sound (no leaks) and has good brakes, tires you should be good to go.

Heck, if nothing else go rent a car. It's a blast to go screaming around the track in a compact rental car... no power, no grip, lots of body roll.... you learn a lot! You may even have the chance to embarass some less experienced folks in faster cars if you know what you are doing.

I took a rental to the track when a moron rear-ended me about a year ago and the car was in the shop while I had a scheduled track day. It was one of my funnest track days!

A friend of mine has been going with the BMW CCA to the Nurburgrung every summer for the last couple of years -- they all go rent BMW 316 compacts and have a great time. One year he brought the car back to the rental depot at the end of the week complaining the car had no tires and the brakes didn't work -- they apologized profusely and waived the rental charge! :D

Go get your free track day....

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