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Last month I took a three day roadtrip from Shreveport Lousiana, up to Vancouver, Washington to see my mom. It was a blast! I did about 10 hours a day, but stopped to take breaks/sightsee every 5 hours or so. I've never had such an enjoyable adventure in my life. It's the first time I've ever driven somewhere more than 7 hours away by myself. It was great!

The first day, I stopped to visit a the mansion of a former oil tycoon in Oklahoma. The second day I visited "Prarie Dog Town" in Kansas, as well as do some exploring on gravel roads in the Rockies of Wyoming (BEAUTIFUL!) and the third day I stopped in my childhood home town to see the house I spent most of my life in, and grab some ice cream with some old friends.

I leave for Louisiana Monday after next, and am planning on hitting the Pacific Coast Highway on myway through California. I do know that I want to see plenty of the California coastline, and I think I'm going to spend a day in California, to pop into a Lotus dealership, and generally just have a good time taking my time going home. Are there going to be any Lotus meets I could attend? (Don't have an Elise yet, saving for one in the Winter) Could any California locals recommend places to see, or stop? Maybe someone else in the states between Cali and Lousiana has something to recommend?

I'm trying to milk this trip for all its worth without breaking the bank (since every dime I don't NEED to spend is going towards my Lotus fund:D)

All help and pointers welcome and appreciated! Whether it's places to go, things to see, or just some tips for solo roadtripping!

I'm stoked to be hitting the road and seeing new places again, and I'm making a mental note of places I'd like to take a motorcycle trip to with my dad while he's physically able.:up:

Like I said, all comments welcome! (except mayble flaming :rolleyes:) fire away, and thanks in advance!

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