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A friend from the San Diego MG Club asked me to let you know about this North County British car event. I hope to see you there.

Subject: ROLLING British Car Day
Date: Saturday, April 18

We will meet at Milton's Deli in Del Mar at 9:00 on Saturday April 18, and leave at 10:00. The tyre kickin' in the parking lot seems to be a big part of the event, so we've extended that time to allow for more kabitzin' and kickin' !!!! Allow yourselves extra time if you wish to sit down and eat inside Milton's fabulous Deli restaurant. If you haven't been to Milton's before, they also have a pretty cool "walk up" bakery/coffee area, where you can grab a coffee, tea or ??? and a pastry, and then head back to the parkin' lot. There are also some other places in the same shopping center to pick up a bagel, coffee, etc. Also, lots of pit stop opportunities.

This year, we'll avoid downtown traffic areas, and cities in general. If you haven't planned a tour lately, then you don't understand how hard it is to plan a run in the back county, with neat twisty roads, that avoids freeways, stop lights, congestion, etc., and has a somewhat central starting point!

We will end up at the beautiful San Dieguito County Park, in the Rancho Santa Fe area. WE WILL NOT BE ENDING AT A RESTAURANT!!!!! (The event has just become way tooooooooooo large for any restaurant to handle). Dust off your picnic baskets, and plan on a proper English day with a picnic in the park . . . and more chances for tyre kickin' and socializing with other Club members, etc! That's the whole idea of this tour--see DIFFERENT cars and meet some new folks.

No Judging. No Trophies. No Stress. No Competition. No Games. Just Fun and Comradarie!!!

There is a parking fee ($3.00) which is normally collected as we drive in. I'm trying to arrange that so we each do not have to stop and pay individually. Having great faith that we will be able to achieve that, we will ask for a donation of $5.00 per car--this to help the Council offset the cost of reserving the park, and pay the $3.00 individual parking fee. More on all that later . . . . just come prepared with either 5 ones or a fiver!!!!!!!

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