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I am looking to buy a set of Rota Torque GunMetal wheels for my 2007 Exige S. I am looking to pair them with Yokohama tires for street use only...sizing 205/45R16 and 235/40R17.

Current stock at all of the dealers I have checked with 4x100 bolt pattern narrows my choice down to:

Front: 16 x 7 (+40mm offset)
Rear: 17 x 8 (+48mm offset)

By my calculation, these offsets mean all wheels will have 15-16mm less inside clearance.

I had read a previous post regarding a group buy for these wheels using offsets of +27/+35mm, which makes the clearance similar to the current LSS stock setup of 16 x 6.5/31mm 17 x 7.5/38mm. Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down the Rota Torques in these lower offsets.

Does anyone have experience with these higher offsets? Will they work for the Exige? Any other suggestions are welcome!
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