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And the Rotas are heavier by the kilos.
I'm not sure where this information came from but it's not correct at all.

I had posted the weights of the Rota Torques vs stock wheels in another thread a while back but I can't seem to find it. I don't remember the exact weights, but the Rotas where within a lb or so of the stockers.

Now I'll agree they aren't the strongest wheel built, but neither are the stock wheels or many other aftermarket companies. As far as weight, a lb or two on a wheel isn't going to be noticeable to the average Joe.
I ended up with TMRs and the difference in handling feel through the steering wheel was a pleasant surprise.
You can notice that at any speed,and that was gyroscopic weight effects.

The difference over rough terrain/roads could be harder to notice, but unsprung weight can be very important.

Did you post the weights or did you actually weigh them?
(and did you ever find the dyno chart?)
The Rota advertised weight and the actual weighed weight were off by a lot, which is why a group buy went very sour. More than a Kilo/wheel I think.
Also the advertised width was off by at least a 1/2".

Here is where our group buy started
[quote name="Sooley"]
[quote name="'Holmz'" 07 May 2010 - 09:13 AM]
[quote name="'Sooley'" 07 May 2010 - 06:26 AM]
That's because we are ordering custom sizes.

OK - so for sure it is 16x7 and 17x8? guaranteed?

Yes, that's what we are ordering.

[quote name="Sooley"]

[quote name="'Forever Young'" 08 May 2010 - 02:09 AM]
[quote name="'Holmz'" 07 May 2010 - 01:43 PM]
Is Rota standing by the weights and sizes of these (+/- 250gms)?
What happens if the weights are higher than the advertised values?
Hi guys, this is quite an important question. I'm very keen on these rims. I already have a set of wide rims, the only reason for the purchase of a 3rd set is for weight reduction, so I want to make sure the stated weights are reasonably accurate.

The info I have is direct from ROTA. The figures quoted are as accurate as I can possibly give you and in all honesty 250grams + or - would make a bee's dick of difference to the performance of the car. If you're that concerned about weight, go for a jog!

And the result
[quote name="Forever Young"]
[quote name="'Sooley'" 04 May 2010 - 10:53 PM]
16x6.5 4x100 Offset 26mm 5.9kg Suit S2 Rover and Toyota front (no spacer required)
17x8 4x100 Offset 35mm 7.4kg Suit S2 Toyota (Rover needs a 20mm spacer)
Well after the call went out 6 months ago, my Rota Slip Streams finally arrived on Friday. Unfortunately I was already at Practice for the Australian Sprint Championships my last competitive event until next year. I won't express my fellings towards Rota about the time frame, I think Holmes has covered that issue. I won't complain that 2 out of the 4 centre caps had broken lugs upon opening the box this morning at TNT (but two replacements would be nice Mr Rota).

My Major complaint is the WEIGHT. As posted earlier (in this thread) my main reason for the purchase is to reduce unspring weight. WELL, I have put all 4 rims on the scales the good news is both fronts are the same and both rears are the same, the bad news is the fronts weight 6.4kg (not 5.9kg) as stated above. The clanger is the rears are a fat ###### 9.6kg, 2.2kg each above stated. Now if you were buying them as a spare road set who cares, good luck to you ,they are not a bad looking rim, but if like me you want to drop unspring weight for the track, well.......... :cry:

And better rims...
[quote name="Holmz" Dec 2011]
New rear tyres mounted on new TMR rims with some Tyresure sensors today.
Rear rims 7.3 kg, as assembled with tyres (225/17 V70a) is 17.6 kg with 14grams of weights on each rim.
Old OZ rims with same tyres and no tread were 17.5
(Just gained a couple of inches of rim width)

Old OZ mounted 1/2 tread= 14.3
New: (Need to measure)
Gained 1/2" of rim width.

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I was advised by a Lotus specialist to change my wheels and tires to Rota Torques and Dunlap to get more miles out of my tires.
I have this exact setup for my street tires/wheels and did it for this exact reason. Works well for me.

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running rotas now. 205/50r16 up front @ 32psi, and 245/40r17 @34psi in the rear

feels a tad bit less responsive, and not as snappy as it was originally.

also running BFgoodrich Sport Comp 2 Summer tires.
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