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FWIW, once in a blue moon my trubo car throws a 1301. Par for the course, as the MAF is re-mounted in a larger diameter intake tube to keep it from maxing out and it also has no vane to smooth airflow, so at idle MAF can be erratic and the car just does not idle very smoothly, so the idle misfires are real.

Here is the interesting part. The 1301 codes have gotten less and less frequent, so the computer is learning something (fuel trims never change appreciably). Then I had a code a few months ago and coudl not clear it as I left my computer at my track house, and the MIL went out after a few drive cycles.

So it could really be a bad batch of gas in your case and, unless it becomes consistent, I'd not worry about it since the car seems to drive fine in all other respects.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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