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I removed some enigine trim to be painted; one piece war RIGHT UNDER the intercooler, so I disconnected the sensor and loosened some screws.
After the removal I tightened the screws and started the engine.
The main fan was RUNNING. I figured I had done some mistake in the AC/Console wiring. That checked out. Figuered it must be a hot day ( duh ).

I had run the engine for 10 minutes and pulled out.

Then I noticed I have a solid MIL ( check engine light).
Then I think some more and check the engine, and re-connect the sensor. I am sure I stopped the engine before re-connecting. No fans after engine start but the MIL light is still on after 2 start cycles.


1) I don't think I caused any damage. Did I?

2) How should I get rid of the MIL light ? As Tim Mullen said try to go through several enigine start cycles? Or get an OBDII read and clear the code?
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