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Rust on Ignition Coil #1??

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Pulled out my ignition coils today and #1 looked a little funny:

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Then, on one side of it, something else a little odd:
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Another close-up of the Rust and black sludgy stuff:
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I pulled the Cylinder Head Cover, and took a peak at the chamber for #1. You can see lots of corrosion down there:
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The other 3 Coils and chambers (unsure what the official name is) are spotless

Thoughts on what caused the rust and sludge? Perhaps a bad seal at the spark plug, allowing some air/fuel mixture into the chamber?

I'm taking it to a dealer in the next couple of weeks for some un-related and relatively minor warranty issues, and I'll be adding this one to the list.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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