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Rust on Ignition Coil #1??

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Pulled out my ignition coils today and #1 looked a little funny:

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Then, on one side of it, something else a little odd:
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Another close-up of the Rust and black sludgy stuff:
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I pulled the Cylinder Head Cover, and took a peak at the chamber for #1. You can see lots of corrosion down there:
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The other 3 Coils and chambers (unsure what the official name is) are spotless

Thoughts on what caused the rust and sludge? Perhaps a bad seal at the spark plug, allowing some air/fuel mixture into the chamber?

I'm taking it to a dealer in the next couple of weeks for some un-related and relatively minor warranty issues, and I'll be adding this one to the list.
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The cause of the corrosion and sludge shown in the photo from my post was a leaking spark plug tube seal in the valve cover on the #1 tube. Ever since the seal was replaced, the tube cleaned and a new spark plug and coil installed under warranty by Lotus I have not had any further trouble. Sometimes in absence of the black sludge where there is only the oxide formation the cause has been traced to water getting into the engine compartment, onto the valve cover and running into the spark plug tube.
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