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This revolutionary LEXAN polycarbonate windscreen is a lightweight, yet heavy-duty alternative to your heavy glass windshield. This race windscreen is made exclusively for us by Optic Armor Performance Windows.

Weighs only 11 lbs - 16 lbs lighter than stock glass!

Lexan Windscreen

-Flexible and extremely shatterproof.
-Hard, non-porous surface resists racing chemicals, fuels and oils.
-3/16" thick.
-Hardware kit included.
-Optic Armor is trusted worldwide by professional drivers in drag racing, drifting, speedboat, and NASCAR events.

-Scratch resistant coating.
-Covers both sides of the windshield.
-Tested for scratch resistance with steel wool.
-Water instantly beads up and blows off!
-Special molding technique eliminates distortion.

No extra polishes or cleaners needed - uses standard glass cleaner.
Windshield wiper friendly.

Important product information:

-This item has an over sized shape and a special shipping process.
-To get a fair shipping quote, and place your order, call us directly at 951-296-6762.
-Images show removable plastic packaging film.
-Track use only.
-NOTICE: These windshields ARE NOT D.O.T. CERTIFIED.
-Sector111 products may not be legal for sale or use in the state of California on any pollution-controlled motor vehicles. Performance products are legal in -California only for racing vehicles, which may never be used on a public highway.
-Professional installation recommended.

Thanks for looking! :up:

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Are these the same as the "speed glass" windshields that you used to carry? How do they compare?

Special pricing?? :D

GB? -poke- I would like a lexan windshield this year

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Hmm I'm having insurance send me a check to replace my windshield. This might be something to consider. How long to get it shipped to me?
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