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CAR IS SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!For Sale or Trade - $28500. Nashville, TN. I have a 2001 S2000 with a 2JZ-GTE Toyota Supra Turbo motor swap. The car has 42k miles on it and the motor has about the same because it is a JDM 2JZ-GTE motor from Japan. There are only 3,000 miles on this build. The 2JZ has a single turbo conversion with a GT45 T88 turbo on it. The Supra Getrag 6 speed manual transmission is also mated to the 2JZ. This tranny will hold 1500hp! $28500

This is the 6th and latest 2JZ S2000 in the world. Here is a list of some mods:

JDM 2JZ-GTE Toyota Supra Turbo Motor

GT45 T88 Turbo

Single Turbo Conversion

Supra Getrag 6 Speed Manual Tranny

Comptech Rear Differential fully Cryo Treated for greater strength - This diff still needs to be broken in. I would go easy on it for the first 500 miles and change the diff fluid. After that you should be good to go.

HKS Wastegate

HKS SSQV Blow-off valve

TurboSmart manual boost controller

Aeromotive Fuel Pressure Regulator

Walboro Fuel Pump

Front Mount Intercooler

Steel braided coolant lines

Battery relocation kit - to the trunk

Short Shift kit

Solid Titanium Shifter Mounts

Sparco Shift Knob

ACT Clutch

ASA 17" Wheels

Greddy oil cap

Cobalt boost gauge

Cobalt water temp gauge

Autometer Carbon Fiber Ultra-Lite Speedometer

Pillar mounted gauges


Custom Turbo-back exhaust

Brand new Convertible Top

New bearings

Greddy Boost Cut Control (BCC)

Many hours worth of polishing under the hood

Titan Cam Gears

New NGK spark plugs

New Timing Belt

New Water Pump

Recent Alignment and Balance

I'm sure there are some things I missed, but you get the point. This car is an absolute beast. Even with the motor swap, the S2000 only weighs in at ~2900lbs. I have already changed the oil and filter 3 times in 3,000 miles to ensure complete and proper break-in. The first change was with Castrol motor oil. The last two I used Mobil 1 10w30.

The car does not have a center console cover. I was planning on getting a custom one made to fit the Getrag 6-speed, but it does not bother me to just have the carpeted console. The stock speedometer and rpm gauge does not work due to the engine swap - the stock sensors are calibrated for a 4 cylinder not a 6. I use the AFC Neo as a digital RPM gauge (more accurate) and the Autometer Carbon Fiber speedometer. The electronic power steering in the car is disconnected. It can be hooked up, but I would advise against this because the steering ratio is very quick. This can be dangerous at high speed. With the power steering disconnected, the car is very stable at high speeds. There is a door ding on the passenger door panel. I'll try to get some pictures posted of this, but it is just your typical ding.

This car is an absolute Beast. It will break traction at 60mph under boost! Currently, the car is only tuned to 15 lbs. of boost on pump gas (extremely conservative for a 2JZ). With 25 lbs. of boost and some race gas, the 2JZ S2K will be unmanageable unless you get some Drag Radials.

I have well over $20,000 in parts and labor invested in this S2000. My loss, your gain. I've only put 3k miles on the car since it was completed in July 2007. The car is located in Nashville, TN. If you have any further questions, please call me on my cell phone (512-771-2528). Anyone is welcome to come check the car out in person. I will be happy to give you a ride in it. Here are some pictures of my car:

Here is a quick video of my car. This is a 50mph-150mph pull starting in 3rd gear. I am short shifting in every gear at ~6300rpm (rev limit is stock @ 6800rpm) except for 3rd when you can hear me hit the rev limiter. At about 140mph I let off considerably and kind of coasted to 150mph before completely shutting it down. Sorry about the poor quality. Turn your speakers up!

<br><br><br>Click here to see Video

This is another video I made before the car was tuned:

Here is a link to my Ebay auction:

I also have pictures of the build. These will be given to the buyer. For any further questions, you can call me at: 512-771-2528 (cell)

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nice so much HP is it now?
The car is limited on fuel right now because it is still on the stock injectors. It put down 462whp / 411wtq on a Mustang Dyno (low reading) at 15 lbs. of boost on pump gas in 5th gear. This is obviously nothing for a 2JZ. The turbo and engine really need 25lbs. of boost on some race gas. It should put down some pretty good numbers at that point, but I think it's fast enough as is.
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