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S3 / Turbo Bumper Fasteners

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Hi, Does anyone have a part number for the plastic fasteners on the sides of the front bumpers? USA Federal bumpers on an '87 HCI. My parts manual doesn't show them. I haven't called the parts houses yet, just trying to get a list of numbers together if possible before calling.

Thanks, Rob
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Hi Rob,

The Usual Lotus Parts Suspects will often know what you need even if you don't have your own part number reference. (They are THAT GOOD!) :cool:

I just looked at my circa 1991 G-car manual, and you are correct, the fasteners are not called out on sheet 10.23A.. :sad: Probably an omission as the Euro cars did not have these attachments. :mad:


Don't know the size of the fasteners on the Lotus, but modern cars commonly have plastic push-pin type attachments on plastic bumpers and fender shields. These are commonly available at auto parts stores. I'd be taking some measurements (both width, and depth thickness) and seeing if anything else would fit... :p
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