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Hi All, me again.

I never ended up picking up that S1 (for which a great thread was contributed to by all on this forum-and thanks for that).
Though it (the car) was decent it was much more or a resto project than it looked on the onset and just didn't quite feel right. Another I looked at was in pretty rough shape as well and I haven't seen one locally since.

I am however now looking at an S3 turbo in fine shape.
Body looks in good shape, and by the owners accounts well maintained.

Some mods (I usually shy away from cars modded by folks other than myself) but they've been professionally done by some well respected companies which helps ease my mind abit.

What I'm hoping to hear are some experiences from S3 owners, past & present as to what they love/don't like about the car and in particular, driving experience (maybe some comparisons?) and maintenance experience.

The latter (maintenance) is one of my key sticking points as I'm expecting -as with all such things- she'll breakdown or break something now and then and i'm wondering whether I'll be visiting a fab-shop to get random parts remade or whether there are parts out there and better still people that understand how to work on them (better still if in Vancouver Canada but I'm starting to ask alot haha).

As for driving expereince, well I'm a driver first and foremost and a picky one at that. I've driven and competed in alot of makes and models from formula fords to porsches to whatever and it's always been the best handling most "soulfull" rides that have tugged at my heartstrings.

Much appreciate your comments all.

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