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S4 Intermittent High Idle when driving

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Intermittently when I'm driving my S4, the idle won't drop down below 2k rpm. Happened last night, the first 10 minutes of driving was fine, then as I shifted and drove through back roads and stopped at lights etc, the idle wouldn't drop below like 1900rpm. After about ten minutes of that, it went back to normal and was fine the rest of the ride. I even tried to reach down and pull the gas pedal up like maybe it was sticking, but no change. Oh and I do have the throttle jack disabled and removed, and I did not get a check engine light. Not sure if it's mechanical like the cable is somehow sticking sometimes or if it's maybe the butterflies sticking? Or maybe it's a normal condition that can sometimes occur. Thanks in advance for any comments.
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I had a similar problem. It was primarily because the throttle cable was too tight. The slack in the throttle cable changes as the engine heats up, so when it gets hot the cable does not allow it to return.

Not sure if it helped, but I also made a small wooden block with a groove in it, and attached it where the cable makes a sharp bend going into the cable adjuster stop at the engine. That sharp bend bothered me, and the block just gives it strain relief so that it doesn't kink.

Don't overtorque that cable adjuster. Its easy to break. You can guess why I know.
There is no way you can properly adjust the cable or base idle without a scan tool. You can download Freescan and get a cable from Sanj. The whole deal will cost about $100, something you need to have available.
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