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S4 Intermittent High Idle when driving

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Intermittently when I'm driving my S4, the idle won't drop down below 2k rpm. Happened last night, the first 10 minutes of driving was fine, then as I shifted and drove through back roads and stopped at lights etc, the idle wouldn't drop below like 1900rpm. After about ten minutes of that, it went back to normal and was fine the rest of the ride. I even tried to reach down and pull the gas pedal up like maybe it was sticking, but no change. Oh and I do have the throttle jack disabled and removed, and I did not get a check engine light. Not sure if it's mechanical like the cable is somehow sticking sometimes or if it's maybe the butterflies sticking? Or maybe it's a normal condition that can sometimes occur. Thanks in advance for any comments.
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Yes you should use freescan to make sure you get 0-100% with the throttle, but you do need to leave some slack for the enging expansion due to heat. Adjust the throttle while the engine is hot.

As far as the idle goes. You cannot adjust the idle, the ECU controls that via the IAC. Do not try to adjust it by ear, and freescan will only set the idle temporarily for diagnosis purposes. If you want to check your IAC, connect freescan and allow the engine to idle up to full temp at ~80C coolant temp. The IAC counts should be between 20-40. Otherwise you may have an air leak or other issue.
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