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Calling All British Sportscars!
Over the past few years you may have spied an occasional motley caravan of Lotus cars threading the streets of San Antonio and the surrounding Hill Country. From our ad-hoc beginnings, the Alamo City British Car Club has grown in size and scope, hosting charity rallies, spirited drives, track days, and social events welcoming all British sportscar enthusiasts.

Alamo City British Car Club
We've organised as a nonprofit corporation for purposes of mutual support and outreach, shared recreation and expertise, and community service. Our growth couldn't have happened without your enthusiasm, and we continue to welcome as-hoc community initiative.

Join us! Our events are open to everyone, membership as easy as showing up.

All Marques Welcomed.
Our roots may be in the Lotus community, but we extend full participation to all makes and models of British sportscar enthusiasts. We share Associate Club status amongst the local Austin Healey, Jaguar, MG, and Triumph groups, and offer regional affiliation to other underrepresented marques.

Now's the perfect opportunity to bring your opinions, expertise, and enthusiasm aboard as we continue to build one of the most dynamic and involved driver's clubs in central Texas. Anyone can be a part of the action, no matter their experience.

Alamo City British Car Club

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I'm from Dallas Texas and love to do that... Sound like fun. I'm still looking for a car. LOL. Shopping hard.

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If you would like to add the Texas Lotus Challenge Series to your roster of events we are looking for a few more drivers to sign up so that this event can happen.
It's a great way to get your Lotus out on the track in a safe environment and see just how fast you really are.
First year is strictly time trials and events will be held at Texas tracks.
Look up the Texas Lotus Challenge Series posting in this forum.
You can also email me if you have any questions. Hope to see you there,
congrats on the new club, and looking forwards to getting together with you guys with our club when you have an event.
We are starting to plan our drive out to LOG 29. If anyone from your club is interested in joining us go over to the Yahoo groups Lotus Owners of South Texas site and say hello.
Till then cheers!

Al Brussich

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...thanks, al!..we're not a new group really, but with the scope of everything we've been planning since last year, it's time to make things formal...

...someone briefly brought up the lotus challenge series at our last meeting (something i'd love to participate in myself if it weren't beyond the reach of my pocketbook), so i'll make certain to add it to the agenda and see if anyone's interested in spearheading participation out of our club...i know we're planning a LOG caravan; we'll look into joining up with the LOST group on our way out to birmingham...

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I reached out to Jim (LCS) and Joe (Gonzaba) to get them talking. Would be great to get it all integrated!

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Spring Blood Drive | Saturday February 28

Spring Blood Drive 2009
Our local blood bank is currently running less than one day's reserve! Stop by Gonzaba Autoplex this Saturday between 10.00 AM and 2.30 PM to help out - it's a great way to give back to the community.

Take advantage of this opportunity to meet up with your fellow Alamo City British Car enthusiasts prior to Saturday's meeting. Plenty of goodies will be on hand. Hope to see you there.

Alamo City British Car Club

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Spring 2009 General Meeting

Meeting Notes

Introduction and Background
• Origins in ad-hoc Lotus group over past few years.
• History of social events, spirited drives, track days, charity rallies.
• Expansion includes broader British sportscar community, all marques welcomed.

National Club Affiliations
• Club Lotus and Lotus Limited already have large UK and USA operations.
• Pursuing Lotus Club International affiliation, with manufacturer ties and benefits.
• Offering local affiliation for other underrepresented national marque clubs.
• Local community includes DeLorean, Rootes Group, and TVR enthusiasts.

Associate Clubs
• South Texas Austin Healey Club
• San Antonio Jaguar Club
• Alamo MG Association
• South Texas Triumph Association

Principal and Associate Membership
• Principal Members - Club Business, Voting Rights, Full Benefits and Discounts.
• Associate Members - Event Participation

Website, Mailing Lists, and Discussion Boards
• General Information, Contacts -
• Announcements, Club Business - |ACBC| tagged email
• Discussion, Public Notices - LotusTalk | Alamo City British Car Club

Corporate Formation
• Legal entity required to conduct club business.
• Filing Certificate of Formation for a Texas Nonprofit Corporation (Form 202).
• Qualifies as Federal 501(c)(7) Social and Recreation Club (Form 1024).
• Tax-exempt, but not tax-deductible status.
• Statement of Purpose and three Directors required for filing.

Principal and Associate Directors
• Principal Directors - Elected by Principal Membership, Annual Terms, Veto Power.
• Associate Directors - De Facto Positions, Ratified by Board of Directors, Perpetual Terms

Organisation Chart and By-Laws
• Three Principal Directors with up to three additional Associate Directors.
• Board of Directors quorum of three including at least one Principal Director.
• Three Committees - Executive, Events, Communications
• Principal and Associate Directors manage Committees together, Principal Director has veto authority.
• Ad hoc Committee appointments managed by Committee Directors, multiple appointment roles are acceptable.
• Maintain legacy of ad hoc organisation with minimal overhead.
• De facto initiatives welcomed, Committee resources at their disposal.
• Board of Directors will draft By-Laws for ratification by Principal Membership at next General Meeting.

VisionWalk Charity Team
• 9.00 AM, Saturday, March 14 | Brackenridge Park, Joske Pavilion
• Short-notice first event to consummate working relationship with Foundation Fighting Blindness for VisionDrive.
• Walking is not required to join team, only helping to solicit donations.
• Modest fundrasing goal, ten team members to bring in $100 each.

Big Bend Open Road Race
• April 22-25 | Fort Stockton, Sanderson
• US 285 closed to host 118 mile mixed-class high-speed road race.

Lotus Owners Gathering (LOG 29)
• May 28 - June 1 | Birmingham, Alabama
• Coordinating with LOST and other central Texas groups to caravan.
• Organised by Ted Hawkins

Poker Run
• June 20 | Regional
• Playing cards distributed to drivers at each rally stop, best hand wins.
• AMGA Associate Club Event

All-British Track Day
• Autumn HPDE | Harris Hill Road, San Marcos

Ice Cream Run
• August 29 | Regional
• STAHC Associate Club Event

Texas All-British Car Day
• September 26-27 | Round Rock
• Two-day rally, dinner, concourse.

VisionDrive Charity Rally
• Mid-October | Major Exotic Car Rally and Epicurean Event
• Signature ACBC event, collaboration with regional exotic car clubs.
• Planning group meets biweekly, next March 14 after VisionWalk.

San Antonio All-British Car Day
• November 7 | Boerne
• Annual local show in collaboration with Associate Clubs.
• Need list of ACBC ballot classes and hosting roles.
• Consider later date in future years for better separation from Round Rock event.
• Planning group meets late morning June 13.

Annual Luckenbach Rallye
• Late January | Luckenbach
• Four stage 100 mile road rally, time, speed, distance.
• SAJC Associate Club Event

Church of the Three Sisters
• Civil Dawn, Sundays, Monthly | Ranch Roads 335, 336, 337
• Spirited Drives departs at civil dawn for minimal traffic and heat.
• Irregularly announced 10 days in advance for weather and low visibility.
• Organised by Matthew Agee

ACBC Concourse and Caravan
• Seasonal event to commence later this year.
• Gentler, shorter cruises along local routes with lunch, dinner, or drinks at conclusion.
• Tentative name pending misleading 'concourse' use.
• ACBC Associate Club Event

Texas Lotus Challenge Series
• Organising Now.
• Regional feeder for national Lotus Challenge Series.
• About six more entrants required.
• Investigate series history, similar national marque programs, for long-term potential.

British Garage Tech Meets
• Brought up at previous meetings, no organiser.
• Best managed on a marque-by-marque basis.
• Very specific topics and appropriate facilities required.

Swap Meets
• Inexpensive source of difficult-to-find parts.
• Good turnout likely with widespread advance publicity.

Discussion, Elections, and Closing
Principal Director Elections
• Principal Executive Director - Matthew Agee
• Principal Events Director - Ted Hawkins
• Principal Communications Director - Jason Adams

De Facto Committee Positions
• Associate Executive Director - George Gonzaba
• Associate Communications Director - Alexander Soufi
• Ad hoc initiatives and appointments managed by Committee Directors.

Next Meeting
• Late May - Early June | Summer 2009 General Meeting
• Committee Directors and Appointments meet on ad hoc basis.

Alamo City British Car Club

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Spring 2009 News

It's Official!
This past weekend San Antonio's ad-hoc Lotus group formally chartered ourselves as the Alamo City British Car Club.

Why? Last year's Drive for Diabetes was a big success, but as we began planning this year's much more ambitious VisionDrive, it quickly became obvious that we needed formal legitimacy to support the scope of our plans. As an added bonus, we're becoming the local chapter of Lotus Club International, including all the benefits of affiliation with Group Lotus.

All Marques Welcomed.
We're teaming up with other British and exotic marques to offer a broad array of exciting events. Our roots may be in the Lotus community, but we extend full participation to all makes and models of British sportscar enthusiasts as we expand our diversity of charity rallies, spirited drives, track days, and social events.

We also share Associate Club status amongst:All five British marque clubs have agreed to collaborate on Associate Club events throughout the year, culminating in San Antonio's All-British Car Day this autumn.

Executive Communications
If you've received this newsletter, it's because you expressed interest in one of our previous club activities. None of that changes under our new structure - you're all Associate Members just by virtue of participation, and will continue to receive email announcements of future events.

We offer three means of coordination amongst the greater Alamo City British Car Club community: - Our website is current undergoing a remodel in keeping with our official identity, but it will continue to serve as our first point of contact, with links to officer email, club discussions, event calendars, and more.
|ACBC| - Future email announcements will always carry this tag in the subject line, to allow easier recognition and sorting of club business and also to cut down on chatter cluttering up people's inboxes.
LotusTalk - We have our own discussion thread in the Texas Region forum of the prominent Lotus message board, where we post public notices and conduct open discussion of club issues. Read along or feel free to chirp in!

Principal Membership is extended to anyone who has attended a General Meeting or expressed interest in planning club activities. More detailed club business will be conducted solely amongst this group to keep communications tight and efficient. General Meeting Notes will always be posted on our LotusTalk discussion thread.

Events Coming Soon!
Our 2009 calendar is bursting at the seams - here are just a few highlights, with much more detail to come:
  • VisionWalk Charity Team | March 14
  • Lotus Owners Gathering (LOG 29) | May 28 - June 1
  • AMGA Poker Run | June 20
  • STAHC Ice Cream Run | August 29
  • VisionDrive Charity Rally | Mid-October
  • San Antonio All-British Car Day | November 7
  • Church of the Three Sisters | Monthly Sprited Drives
Thanks to you...
Our growth couldn't have happened without your enthusiasm over the past year.

Stay involved! The Alamo City British Car club is only as successful as your participation, and we continue to welcome ad hoc community initiative. We're all here to serve you...

Matthew Michael Agee | Principal Executive Director
George Gonzaba | Associate Executive Director
Ted Hawkins | Principal Events Director
Jason Adams | Principal Communications Director
Alexander Soufi | Associate Communications Director

Alamo City British Car Club

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A Plea for Participation...

VisionDrive 2009
As many of you know, our signature charity event this year will be a major exotic rally and epicurean event in support of the Foundation Fighting Blindness, a national eye research organisation dedicated to developing treatments for retinal degenerative diseases. This is a cause of personal significance to us: Georgie Gonzaba, our Associate Director's nine-year-old son, has already lost vision in one eye to Retinoschisis.

We've developed exciting plans for this autumn's VisionDrive over the past six weeks, and met with National Directors from the Foundation Fighting Blindness to bring some much-needed planning and fundraising expertise aboard in support of the ambitious scope of this event. As a way to consummate our working relationship with the Foundation, on very short notice we've created a team for VisionWalk, the FFB's signature fundraising effort.

One Week to Walk...
San Antonio's debut VisionWalk takes place in one week: Next Saturday, March 14. The Foundation Fighting Blindness anticipates raising more than $100,000 with this event, and we stand a surprisingly good chance to rank amongst the top ten fundraising teams.

But there's not much time left.

How Can You Help?
There are several ways you can help our VisionWalk team:

Join Our Team
You don't have to walk to be a part of our efforts. All you need to do is sign up, set a personal fundraising goal (we suggest $100), and ask your friends, family, or coworkers to support us. Visit our Team Page and select the 'Join Team' link to create a profile - feel free to use the default page or copy my own.

Dine at Panchito's this Monday
From 5-10 PM Monday evening, March 9, Panchito's Mexican Grill at the Quarry Market (7310 Jones Maltsberger Road) will kindly donate a portion of revenues to the Foundation Fighting Blindness on behalf of our Team. Tell your waitstaff that you're dining in support of Georgie Gonzaba and the Foundation Fighting Blindness, and they'll take care of the rest.

Support the Foundation Fighting Blindness
Simply visit our Team Page and click the 'Support Alamo city British Car Club' link to make a donation on behalf of our team. Every bit helps!

Alamo City British Car Club

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How many guys do you anticipate coming up in the group? I am trying to get an idea for food.
...absolutely no clue!..based on recent event turnout, i speculate we'll be somewhere pitiful, between one and four cars, but that's a total stab in the dark...

...don't worry too much about the wings - we'll be hanging out at a pub before leaving san antonio...

2006 SportElise #9
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I'm planning on going

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Evora Caravan Estimate

Edit: 6 Confirmations

(No idea how many overlap direct eRSVP, Charlie)

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Summer Meeting | 6.30 Wednesday Evening

Don't miss tonight's ACBC Club Meeting!

When: 6.30 PM Food and Fun
7.30 PM ACBC Meeting
Where: The Lion and Rose Pub
700 East Sonterra Boulevard #318
Stone Oak, San Antonio

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