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Even though it will still be a long wait until I get my Elise, I thought I would start checking out clear bra installers in the San Diego area. I am put off by problems many people have had with the Lotus Star Shield option (orange peel problems, poor paint preparation, bubbles, etc.), and I am considering having a local installer do the work, probably while I observe. I have made a list of some I have found so far, but I am sure it is not complete. I would be interested in any experiences or opinions anyone has had with any of these installers. Please add installers if you know of any.

From 3M Installer Search:

Advanced Auto Trim, 539 East 8th Ave., Escondido, CA 92025, Phone: 760-739-0932

Diamond Racing Group, 26 Villa Milano, Lake Elsinore, CA 92532, Phone: 909-675-3999

Mind Over Motor Sports, 4905 Morena Blvd., Suite 1304, San Diego, CA 92117, Phone: 858-483-2482

Modern Images Signworks, 8656 Production Ave. Ste. B, San Diego, CA 92121, Phone: 858-408-0744

Star Shield Armor of San Diego, Phone: 760-751-7411

ATD of So. Calif., 10117 Lakeland Dr., Santee, CA 92071, Phone: 619-749-6770

From a Google Search

Detail Works, Inc., 9210 Dowdy Drive Unit H, San Diego CA 92126, Phone: (858)689-8989

Tint Devil, 7942 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126, Phone: (858) 271-5858

Honorable Mention: From Elise Forums:
Sector 111, Temecula, CA
Kit purchase only – no install

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ChrisH said:
Tint Devil, 7942 Miramar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126, Phone: (858) 271-5858
I have some experience with this place, maybe six years ago. They could have changed quite a bit since then.

I had them tint two cars for me, and they did excellent work. Flawless installation, and it still looks perfect to this day. Price was very reasonable, and they did a nice job of explaining the different tints and what the tradeoffs would be.

Then I had them install a rather complicated DEI alarm with windows, sunroof, remote start, the works... that was a disaster. They had the car for much longer than expected, and I had to keep going back for rework. They did a really shoddy job on the wiring and the whole thing smoked six months later. I removed the whole rig, repaired the wires, and wrote it off. The warranty was worthless. Very unhappy about the whole hassle and expense.

So maybe they should stick to films and leave the wires alone?

One thing though, and I hesitate to say it since it's been so long -- they had a very unprofessional atmosphere. The first thing you hear when you walk in the door is installers in the back bay swearing and shouting up a storm as they listen to distorted beats on the work area radio. Springer was playing 24/7 in the waiting/lobby. :) Strange vibe, but really down to earth folks.

I didn't see a lot of high-ticket cars there.

I recommend stopping by and chatting them up. Get a feel for it and let us know what's up. They've moved into bigger digs in the same building, over by Maytag repair on Miramar. Can't miss it.

I think if I was looking for an installer, I'd start by asking some of the snobbish places where they would send someone.. Ask Symbolic, La Jolla Audio, and other places that work on exotics.

From what I hear, the shop means nothing. The price isn't always a good guide either. It's all about the human installer doing the work. It's a 'touch' thing. Make sure you find out his name, and that some 2-month apprentice won't be doing the work.
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