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San Diego/Orange County Lotus Ltd. Club

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Pencil the 6h of November in your calendars! The San Diego / Orange County Lotus Limited Club will have it’s first meeting, to formally “launch” this Lotus Limited Club on Saturday November 6th, at 10 AM, at Viking Motorsports in Costa Mesa, California. Viking Motorsports is an independent Lotus, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Volvo shop owned by Harry Appleby. You can find out more about this great shop at

The purpose of this club is to better serve the San Diego and Orange County Lotus car owners. The Lotus Marquee needs more presence in the West Coast, and adding this club will allow all Lotus cars owners, including the new Lotus Elise to have membership in a Lotus Limited Club.

You can become part of Lotus history by participating in a Lotus
Limited club. Several Lotus dealers, including Symbolic Motors of La Jolla have indicated interest in sponsoring our club. We also have Viking Motorsports that will provide some sponsorship. This will include using their facilities for meeting and providing discounts for parts and service.

If you would like to find out more information about this club, please contact Ed Miller ([email protected]) or call 858-837-0827 (cell). We are inviting all Lotus car owners including: Lotus Elise, Elan, Eclat, Esprit, and Europa. If you have a Carlton/Omega or any other Lotus car, we especially want to talk to you. We are also inviting prospective Lotus car owners, or those awaiting delivery of their Lotus Elise.


Ed Miller
’00 Esprit, ’91 Elan M100