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Went to the car show in SF last Saturday.

The Lotus from BMC in SF was with the exotics on a different floor from the rest of the car show. The photos are SF's new demo car just happens to be the same scheme of my order (supposed to be here about next June).

As you can see from the photos being tucked away not many people were able to see it. It was a pity as more people should see the car and all of the other exotics. Very few sales people around to answer questions and no real info sheets available.

Next to the exotics was the SCCA exhibit - some great classics.

Other observations about the SF Auto Show.

I finally get the impression that people are finally enjoying cars as they did back before the gas shocks of the 1970s.

Don't get me wrong (I would not want to own anything other than an Elise) but:

It is great to see Pontiac come out with a great two seater. (we should promote that activity so we are not in the valley of the SUVs). At 20k it would be a great weekend car for many.

Cadillac is doing some great concept cars and downsizing some cars and wow that 16 car was a real monster. 16 cylinders and 1000 hp!

A Corvette for each year on the perimiter of the show. People were crawling all over the C6.

The Viper finally looks like it fits inside it's skin.

The Mustang gets the prize for the better in person that in photos. They solved the drowned out stereo problem with a 1000 watt stereo.

Photos are always great but there is nothing like seeing the cars in person. Looking forward to the San Jose Auto Show in January.

Have fun



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