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Look I have seen a ton of threads and I guess I am thick ? :shrug: I had removed and blocked everything off when I did the cup airbox 3 years ago when I got the car. I probablly did it wrong then too. The issue is I can't seem to get a clear picture that shows me exactly how it should be routed.

I just refurbished my SC and installed a new bypass valve. I have it running directly to my throttle body. Straight shot. like this :

I don't think that is right ?

I see the blue and white one way valve on a T connection in some posts. Should I put that back on instead of running directly from the by-pass valve to the throttlebody ?

What does the other end of the blue and white one way breather go ? It's not connected to a flap on the airbox anylonger.


I know this is so simple, but if someone could just lay it out for me, I would very much appreciate it ! Basically I just don't know if I need the blue valve or not ? If I do how do I route it now that I am using the cup airbox.

Man hope it's not a week full of mondays! Thanks ! peacb
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