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Scan Tool Reccomendations - HELP!

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My CR has to date, been running absolutely flawlessly/perfectly/magnificently!! ...That is, right up until today, when the check engine light at exactly 12,111 now has come on! :panic:

So, I'm now in the market for a scan tool that I know will work with this car.

Anyone have any either insight or information on either of these:

AutoLink AL309 or

Equus3100 Innova

Man, I'm now all of a sudden just freaking!! :panic:
Pulled my baby right back in the garage (being less than 2 miles from home) and shut her right down. Not gonna do a thing until I can hook her up and see what (code) she's thrown.

Any help or advice on this, would be greatly appreciated!
*(and yes, before I get any :thwack: - I did do a search, but could find nothing in here specifically about either of these - that both seem to be also CAN compliant and relatively "robust/feature-rich" for their respective prices -as I've now been suddenly thrust into this search)

TIA for any meaningful feedback I might be able to get!
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