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I got this in the email. It looks like an Elise meets their safety requirements no problem. The details can be found here.

HPCCC (SCCA track day) Press Release:

Attention Drivers

Have you ever wanted to drive a Road Course? Drive your car Flat Out with no chance of a ticket? Find out what is like to drive a NASCAR high banked turn? Just looking for some seat time at a fast track? Or…………………..

Well this could be your year. The Tri-Region Race Group is considering hosting a SCCA High Performance Car Control Clinic
(HPCCC) on the Friday and Saturday June 17 and 18, 2005 at Pocono International Raceway. . We are canvassing the sports car community to see if we can generate enough interest to organize such an event.

Go to HPCCC survey and tell us if you are interested.

Our Approach

We have access to all of Pocono International Raceway's configurations (see attached maps). The courses used will depend on the amount of interest received and the number of anticipated entries. We will offer as many options as we can. With a substantial entry, we will use the long (2.5 mile) course we have used for the Club Racing Nationals the past two years. (See attachment) We might use a combination of courses such as the North and the East course in the morning and the Long course in the afternoon.

We are planning both in-car Instructor and Open Track sessions. Novice drivers with less than 6 hours of track time would start with instructors. Drivers with more than 6 hours of track time will have their experience reviewed and may be required to have a checkout ride with an instructor or may be allowed to go straight to an Open Track session. Novice drivers would receive classroom instruction.

Students use their own cars (see requirements below). Passing on the track would be limited to the main straights. All passing is done with "points". The car being passed points the other car passing around. Appropriate speed will be maintained.

The price will be in the range of $175 to $250 per day.

The Clinic will be open to all licensed drivers over 18 years of age, both SCCA members and non-SCCA members.

Please go to HPCCC survey and tell us if you are interested in going to such an event.


1. A driver must be 18 years of age and possess a current valid driver's license issued by his or her state of residence. If a driver age 16 or 17 is a current SCCA licensed competition holder, he or she is eligible to drive. 16 and 17 year-old participants (non-SCCA license holders) can ride only with an SCCA driving instructor.

2. All participants, including drivers, workers, crew members and guests must sign the SCCA Release and Waiver of Liability, assumption of Risk and Indemnity Agreement Form # 9716.

3. All participants (as above), if under the age of majority in the state in which the event is being conducted, must present the registrar a fully completed Minor Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement form at each event.

4. Any driver found to have driven on course in any vehicle before having properly completed the waiver signing process will be disqualified from the event with no refund of entry fee and will be removed from the premises.


1. Vehicles must be eligible for street licensure; however, the pollution control equipment need not be operable.

2. Required vehicle safety equipment.
a. A restraint system meeting federal standards for the year of
manufacture of the vehicle in each of the front seating positions. At a minimum, a two point system must be in place. Competition type 5- point systems are highly recommended. b. Suitable and safely mounted driver and passenger seats. c. A full sized, street legal windshield. d. Roll bars are highly recommended for all cars. e. Hub caps must be removed. f. Targa type or T-top vehicles must either bolt the removable panels in place or remove them entirely. g. All cars must run with both front door windows fully lowered. h. Open cars (convertibles) must run with the top lowered and safely stowed. i. All loose items inside and outside of the car must be removed. Passenger seat back and cushion must be secured.

3. Any car that is judged to be in an unsafe operating condition at
any time during the event shall be prohibited from further participation until the deficiency is corrected.


1. While on course, all participants shall wear a safety helmet meeting Snell SA -90 or Snell M-90 or later specifications.

2. All drivers in open, Targa type, or T-top cars running with the roof panels removed must wear suitable eye protection, i.e., goggles, bubble shield, or face shield on full face helmets.

3. Suitable clothing, i.e., long pants, socks, shoes covering the entire foot, must be worn while on course.

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if you go to Pocono, I highly recommend the long course as it is much more fun than the short (North) course, which at 1.2 miles or so gets kind of repetitive. There are various clubs that rent this facility and are open to Elise participation. Email me if you want more info.
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