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SCCA June Fastrack re: SM

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Solo II Street Modified Classes
The SMAC is considering permitting certain Lotus models to compete in SM, and is requesting member input. This allowance would likely be restricted to the Esprit, The Elise, and the late model {FWD} Elan.
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There is also a note about a recommendation for a new alignment of Prepared categories, with the 96+ Lotus Elise moving to FP.

There was a proposal for the Lotus in Street Touring and it failed.
Thread title should read "June Fastrack"
This is potentially very good news.
An SM2 Elise should be quite fun, and the fact that an S1 could be run in FP will be very good news to those folks who have been forced to run in A-mod up to now.
Let's hope it all gets approved.
Everyone please email that Hyman fellow!!!!
SS AND SM II would be great
Hmmm maybe I won't be able to leave the Elise stock afterall :( ;)
Would someone mind listing the other cars in tese potential calsses, as well as what mods are allowed? Thanks, Max.
maxxfish said:
Would someone mind listing the other cars in tese potential calsses, as well as what mods are allowed? Thanks, Max.
SS = super stock

stock classes basically don't allow mods at all with a few exceptions. SS currently includes M5, C5 vette, viper, esprit, rx-7 turbo, some 911s.

SM2 = street modified 2, inclueds all except lotus (at the moment). You can do quite a bit, including swap engines from the same manufactuer. So you could put the esprit turbo engine in there if you so desire.

Does anyone know if the toyota engine in the elise counts as a "partnership"? Do we get to put any toyo engine in there we want too?

Anyway, the full list of whats allowed and whats not is pretty long. If you are serious, you can get the rule book from the SCCA to see if you can do exactly what you are thinking about.
Yes, you could use any Toyota engine in SM2: "Engine block must be a production unit manufactured and badged the same as the original standard or optional engine for that model." Well, reading that now, I think the Toyota engine in the Elise carries a Lotus badge? So it's not as clear as I thought... :confused:
Good point. You probably can not use a Toyota engine. It would have to be a Lotus engine. It might be a gray area, but the "badged the same as" leaves little wiggle room.
What if it has Lotus on the engine/cam cover and toyota on the head or block? Does that mean we could use the Lotus turbo V-8 from the Espirit or any Toyota Motor or any motor that said designed by Lotus. Does the LT-5 from the ZR-1 say Lotus on it anywhere? Could you use an aftermarket racing "Toyota" blower blocks if made, like I have seen for Hondas? Maybe even the EcoTec, from the Vauxhall, if it says Lotus on it?

Did lotus design any turbine engines for airplanes or helicopters or are they strictly automotive engineering?

Why would they have specifically excluded Lotus in the past? That seems unfair in such an open class.

Just curious, as I will probably do limited mods for the near term.

If I autocross, I will be doing it for fun, so it really does not matter to me where I get classed.

It's a Toyota engine in a Lotus chassis, so any Toyota or Lotus engine could be bolted in that doesn't require modification of the firewall. The ZR-1 motor and the EcoTec never came in a Lotus or Toyota car, so they're out.
It must be a production automotive block. No afterarket or aerospace blocks allowed. Not even motorcycle engines.

Lotus was specifically excluded becasue they are afraid of the 7, Elan and Europa. Imagine what kind of damage one of those cars could do. How about a Europa with an Esprit turbo V-8 that needs 200 lbs. of ballast to reach the minimum weight? Obviously the newer cars are much heavier and so much less of a threat to blow away the class.
Great news for us SM2 guys! With the 1900lb Naturally Aspirated & 2100lb Forced Induction weight requirements in SM2, weight may need to be added (depending on what is added or removed). Hmmm, I wonder if my 500Hp, supercharged 3SGE (MR2) engine will fit......
I'm really hoping the Elsie will be allowed in sm2. The most certainly would be a good platform to build a national level sm2 car on.
Anyone hear anything more about SM2 for the Elise?
I haven't heard, but I want to correct Robert's statement about the allowed engines. It would have to be an engine with a Toyota production block.

The rule allows a block from the same manufacturer as any of the engines that were available in that model of car. The Elise is available in the US with only one engine, and it's made by Toyota.
I concur that the Elise would be able to use any Toyota engines, and only Toyota engines in SM2.

There was very little feedback, and not all of it positive on allowing the Elise into in SM2. I believe that the SEB will propose to allow the late Elan and Esprit in and wait at least a year to see how they do in other classes.

Lesson: When Fastrack asks for feedback - give it!

Well, I have a lightly modified Esprit in E/M, maybe I'll be taking a look at SM... :)

Chuck Sieber
atype59 said:
Well, I have a lightly modified Esprit in E/M, maybe I'll be taking a look at SM... :)

Chuck Sieber
Lightly modded, eh? :eek:

Hey chuck, you might remember me as the red 240Z driver trying desprately to finish ahead of gary's bmw all last year. At least I won't be so overweight this year, so now all I need to work on is the driver. :)
Well guys, the Elise is giving us fits.

The problems are:

1) The car is physically small - smaller than most of the other cars currently in the class (although comparable to Miata)

2) The car starts off quite a bit lighter than most of the prepped cars already running in the class (although the two cars that we weighed at the Peru tour were somewhat heavier than expected)

3) The car has an MR drivetrain layout, which gives it a paper advantage over FR cars of similar weight, size, and power.

4) In Stock form, it's a little underpowered, but a power deficit is the easiest thing to overcome in a clas like SM/SM2

5) There's no goddamn place to put any significant amount of ballast. The trunk is nonstructural with a 50lb weight limit on it, and there's a 500lb load limit on the passenger compartment.

6) Although not as rare as (say) a Ferrari F40, it's still a rare and somewhat obscure car. It's harder to lay hands on an Elise than it is on a Miata, C5, or CRX.

One of the ideas that has been kicked around is to treat, for weight limit purposes, an MR car the same as an AWD car of the same displacement.

There's a certain amount of science behind that - an MR car should (all else being equal) put power down better than a FR car, but less well than an AWD car, and MR will typically be lighter than AWD (meaning more likely to be able to reach the weight limit at all) and should handle better than AWD due to a better polar moment of inertia (even over FR, typically) and the lack of handling problems induced by the driven front wheels on an AWD.

Stick your thumb in the air and squint at it, and MR and AWD have similar potential at the same weight/size/power. So at first blush, requiring an MR car and an AWD car to have the same weight limit looks reasonable.

Well, that makes the weight limit for an Elise (as a small-displacement, NA, MR car) something like 2200lbs. A stock Elise weighs in somewhere between 1850 and 1950, so we'd be asking an SM2 Elise to add 250-350 lbs of ballast and that's BEFORE the Elise engineer started making use of the SM allowances to add lightness. An Elise probably has less lightness availible to add compared to most cars, but we're still looking at (say) 400lbs of ballast, on average, for an Elise to be able to play.

Now putting aside, for a second, the attractiveness of requiring a car whose primary selling point is its low mass to add that much ballast, the packaging and mounting difficulties of adding 1.33 Scotty Whites worth of mass to a car with no place to put it cannot be handwaved away. If we figure 50lbs in that bloody nonstructural trunk, and a further 350 lbs bolted (somehow) to the passenger side floorpan (which in of itself requires a rule change, as prior to the Elise, we assumed that the trunk floor of any given car would be stressed to carry a significant load) that only leaves room for 150lbs of driver, according to the weight limit tag on the car.


So even though not a single person on the SMAC wants to outright BAN the Elise, we're finding it very difficult to find a practical way to slot it into the current class structure. I'm afraid that we're going to effectively ban the car, because the car won't be capable of jumping through the hoops we'll require of it.

I'm very much willing to hear ideas and proposals guys....

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