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That would make a nice track toy if everything else checks out fine and if the price is right.
Hell, you could sell the wheels/tires for at least $1600, the tail lights for $800 and the head lights for at least about the same each.

Looks very tempting for a project car....

2008 Exige S240
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This was my 2006 Elise.

The tail end spun and it went face first into a snow covered earthen embankment.
The driver's door and rocker are also damaged. The suspension and frame are undamaged.
The front crash structure needs replacement. All the damage was cosmetic. There wasn't much
impact....airbags did not even deploy.

Pertinent facts:
-It has the transmission/differential from a 2008 Exige S240.
-R888 are about 1 year old
-LSS black wheels
-It has a MWR head with titanium springs and retainers (new cams too)
-It has stainless steel brake lines
-front UltraDisc rotors with Carbotech x10 pads
-passenger seat is a Reverie Mulsanne (single skin)
-front brake pads are Carbotech too
-front brake rotors are from a Exige s240
-Walbro 255 pump installed
-Circuitworx oil pump gears
- water pump with steel impellers type
-Motul brake fluid
-GUT front fender air extractor
-good stuff!!!

p.s. looks like the diffuser is missing?


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Hi all,
Not making any claims of wrongdoing, but do want any potential buyers to be aware of my findings on this car...

This car is currently on EBay for sale in Chicago. Lotus Elise | eBay
I exchanged messages with the owner who referred to the car as "him" because "he's part of the family" and is sad to have to sell. The fact is, it must have been love at first sight, since the car has the same mileage as it did when originally crashed in 2014.
If you do some research you'll find the car on eBay before, in CA, when it shows some minor damage. To save you time - here's the link : 2006 Lotus Elise 2DR Coupe | eBay
The current owner told me the rebuild was due to some small front end damage, and from the LA eBay post this all ties up, and so I was seriously thinking about a bid. Starting offer was $18,999 and no bids - a bargain if not too good to be true..
However, I've since confirmed that the car did originally have much more significant damage from the crash, including drivers door, front and rear clamshell, with possible frame dent amidships. The CA eBay posting seems to have taken the list of mods from the posting above on this thread, and you could suspect it was made to support a later "small front end damage" story. ( Why else would the car have been partially fixed ? It can't have been in a second accident as the car has covered no miles. )
I have no idea if the current owner knows the full history or not, hence I'm not claiming any wrongdoing. Just didn't want anyone here to get caught out...

Anyway, I'm out. I'll find another.. Never was sold on that fancy throttle by wire stuff anyway, so back to 2005...

Thanks to this forum for this thread which pointed me to the history..

2008 Exige S240
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I've seen the latest resurrection of this Elise on eBay and it is FUBAR.
The seller did not mention the rear clam was destroyed, driver's door destroyed and dented frame rail under driver's door close to jack point.
Nothing was replaced, rather repaired. Stay away!

It is awful what happens to these beautiful cars after they are declared a total loss.

-The original owner: (purchased new in December 2006)
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