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Hi all,

I am working to do things right.... that previous owners had done wrong on my "new" 2005 Elise. It certainly has had a tough life (salvage title, front clam replaced). I've ended up having to put in a front crash structure (installed by Rob Dietsch) because the previous dufus(es?) did such a good job hiding it was damaged that I missed it. I went in eyes wide open, so it was my bad for missing that (found this post from a previous sale that had pics of the damaged clam on the car before I bought it, the pics are after the repair except for the one on the trailer):

Find used 2005 Lotus Elise SUPERCHARGED 32K miles w/Hardtop LSS Matte Black wheels +Extras in San Jose, California, United States, for US $25,500.00

I also had the car fax in hand, and was clear as to how many owners it went through as salvage before it was on the road again.

Now I have a safe well done Elise, the tub was checked, no damage and it aligned perfectly..... and I'm working to make it super nice.

So far It has been a great car, I love the fact it came with a supercharger, Lotus sport intake, rear Exige under-tray and exhaust, triple adjustable shocks, "stiffi brace", a baffled oil pan and upgraded rear links and sport wheels. It also has a lot of nice upgrades like all LED rear and side lighting and HID headlights. To be honest, I keep finding nice things the more I climb around it. While the front clam was off to install the crash structure I also had Rob put in an aluminum radiator and silicone hoses (technically, he found the damage when we had the clam off for the latter, along with putting in the air box resistors), also had new tires installed, balanced and a four wheel alignment done.

Last weekend carried it to a Viper drive... up and back on route 9 to skyline in the SF bay area. More fun than my Viper, and maybe even faster. There were no issues at all running with my Viper friends and even one Mclaren 520. The Elise was smooth as glass and stuck like glue.

I'm loving my Elise, and looking forward to spending time with other SF Bay area Elise owners... in a couple of week's we're doing the Pacific Grove rally for car week in Monterey.

May as well stick it here (if that's OK) as I'm about to post in the parts wanted forum in hopes of finding a lot of misc. factory screws, hardtop rear mounting hardware covers (looks like it should have one on each side as I see "Velcro"), right headlight cover (left one is nice, replaced as it was the left side of the CLAM that was hit), and a few pieces of slightly damaged Tupperware (pas side front inner fender). If anyone has a whole bunch of misc. hardware off a totaled car I need: small screw at the exterior rear of the door sill, two screws that are at the lower front of the inside of the door on either side of the hole that is above and to the right of the door switch bump, one of the screws that attaches the spark plug wire cover, and one screw that is just below the right side of the instrument panel cover, kind of above and to the right of the ignition switch, and finally the screws that hold on the rear deck lid louvers.

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