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Seats to narrow?

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I just sat in the Elise yesterday and the drivers seat is pretty narrow for my body type (6'1" @ 225lbs). I have broad shoulders and took up at least a few inches of the passenger seat. Seems to me this is a one person ride for me unless I have a real skinny person next to me.
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I'm a broad guy (5'10, 240-ish pounds now) and I fit just fine. But my passengers may be a bit squished! :p Seriously, my fairly large sized friend and I sat in the Elise. I wouldn't call it comfortable for him, but he was able to fit and go for a 10 minute drive. (This was a Euro-spec S2 Elise.)


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To me, the best description of seating width in the Elise is a common airline coach seat.

You share the armrest with the person next to you, so you will bump elbows. And if your upper body is wider, there can be some touchage.
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