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Sold - Sector 111 Pedals

I have a set of these new in box. Below is from the 111 web site.

Price: $89.00

Need Better Heel & Toe Control? Try these pedals for your 2006+ Elise and Exige to make that critical throttle blip each and EVERY time you downshift. Our crossdrilled pedal kit replaces the stock pads with grippy and adjustable aluminum pads. The wider accelerator makes a tremendous difference when every second counts. Tailor your Lotus to fit you. A Sector111 exclusive!

Gain Excellent Pedal Control

•Wider, asymmetrical accelerator pedal
-Can be adjusted side to side for personal fitment
•GRID style brake and clutch pedal.
-Less chance of slippage
•Smooth Accelerator pedal
-Foot will glide across it providing greater sensitivity and smoother input
•Shims provide height adjustability
Quality construction

•CNC machined from aircraft quality billet aluminum
-Lightweight and durable
•Stainless hardware
-Resistant to corrosion
•GRID pattern
-Enhances safety with greater levels of grip
•Made in the USA

Model compatibility:

•'06+ Elise, Exige, Cup & 211

Anyone interested in these for $80 shipped?

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Dang mike would have bought those with the car!
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