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Nitto Tire and Team Achilles Motorsports recently raced in the world's longest endurance race: 25 Hours of Thunderhill. They competed in the fastest D.O.T. tire class using Nitto NT01 tires. This is the second fastest class behind the Unlimited class that uses race slicks. Nitto created a new website that documents the race as it unfolded.

Even though the team had a shaky start, the race was one of the closest on record. Early in the race the team was forced to pit and make needed repairs, which put them four laps down. Then, as they tried to regain their track position, a dense fog settled over the track, making it difficult to see more than a few car lengths ahead. The fog forced officials to stop the race for over 11 hours. After the restart, the team is starting to catch up to the first-place team. But is it enough time?

After weeks of prep and hours of racing, the race came down to a few crucial seconds.

Click here to see how history was made.

Screen Shot:

Nitto NT01

If you have any questions or comments please click here to contact Nitto Tire.

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