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I know it's dangerous to seek advice from a New Yorker. I lived in NY for 4 years, but not in the city. :)

Anyway, I will be living in NYC for six weeks starting in early June. I am trying to figure out where to stay. My priorities are, in no particular order: price, distance to subway, distance to financial district, view, distance to fun stuff, safe location. Fun stuff for me are parks, comedy clubs, outdoor music, exercise spots. I don't need to be close to a gym as I'll have a good facility at work. Here is where I am looking at so far:
1) NYU Dorm
2) 224 East 47th Street
3) 165 East 88th St
4) 1395 Lexington Ave
5) 535 W 116th St
6) 500 Riverside Dr

I'm cool with a sublet. I went to West Point, so I'm a pretty clean and organized person by habit. Any advice will be well received.

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