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Unlike Mono-balls that can bind, these bushings will replace all the rubber wishbone bushings on your Elise/Exige.

We've used these bushings in our XP car for the last 7 years, they work great!

The big advantage? You will feel much more of what's going on at the wheels. On sticky tires, the stock rubber pushing deflection affects toe. The interior of the bushings has been sealed, preventing water and dirt to get into the wishbone eyes and bushings. Without compromising the ride comfort, this set, combined with a BWR Anti-Roll Bar can be a serious option for those that don't want to invest into a complete set of springs and dampers (and all the time to adjust them). If you're serious about improving your driving skills, this will help feeling even more connected to the road.

If you don't have your own tool to remove the old bushings, get our bushing removal tool which helps make short work of it!


BWR Self-Lubricating Bushings
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