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Self Service Tire Balancing

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So I have had the opportunity to be able to mount/balance my own tires at the auto shop at work.

The price is 4$ for self service mounting and 6$ for self service balancing with the weights included.

I know the wheel bits are very sensitive, so I am worried about the balancing machine

It is fairly new, but it does not spin the wheels very quickly. This is the first time I've seen a balancer up close and just have a hard time believing that it can balance well if its not running at least some highway speeds.

It is not a road force balancer and does not have a roller.

any input?
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Speed is not needed for balance.

Some machines even have a function to optimize the location (clocking) of the tire to the wheel. This minimizes the total amount of weight needed...but you will have to RTFM>

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Just ran my street tires (conti's) that were mounted and balanced on euro exige rims, and I didnt feel anything so far. ran them up to about 80mph for a short spurt.

Will drive a much longer distance tonight and hope its all good.
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