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Guys - I'm considering selling my car (sad day). Its a 2008 Elise SC (factory supercharged). Facts are as follows:

- Storm Titanium
- Factory SC
- Touring pack
- Sport pack
- Starshield
- 7,2xx miles
- no Accidents
- no Track days
- no issues, everything is perfect
- 100% stock unmodified unmolested car (except i replaced the alpine speakers with the factory size speakers and will include the factory speakers with the car)
- Good Tires (about 2k miles on them)
- No curb rash on the wheels
- No scratches on the car
- Car sits under cover inside my garage

There is minor scraping under the front clam from a few scrapes entering a drive way here and there, very minor and can only bee seen when on your hands and knees.

I would like to get $46,000 for the car (the only other 2008 SC I can find for sale is $52,000 on Ebay right now, its a 60th anniversay which mine is not, but it has $13,000 miles). If someone is willing to pay $46,500 I will throw in the remainder of a Fidelity Gold Extended Warranty Program. It covers just about everything on the car for 5 more years or $66,000 miles on the Odomoter. (engine, trans, ac, electrical, and most mechanical items are covered with this warranty with a $50 dollar deductable and all Lotus dealerships accept the warranty). If you don't want this warranty (I paid $2,400 for it, it is refundable on a pro-rated level and I will just get my money back for it). I can get over $2,000 on the refund of the warranty, but figured I would help the buyer out and provide additional peace of mind.



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