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Does anyone have a recommendation for a shop that can do routine maintenance on an Elise in the Los Angeles area? I found a few threads, but info doesn't seem to be current. I'm looking for a shop that is near the city, versus the Valley. My normal go to (A1 Auto) is no longer open on Saturday. I can bring the car to the valley if there are weekend hours, but since I work in Culver City, it isn't possible during the week. I know of the following shops and started contacting them, but would really appreciate if anyone has any good places they trust.

Mulholland Motorspots - just tried checking with them regarding oil changes, I know they do great body/paint work.
Specialty Car Craft - left a message, but never got a response if they can handle routine maintenance
Galpin Lotus - possible option, but they quoted quite a high price for an oil change
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