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Service Schedule

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I was looking up servicing on the Elise, and found the UK servicing guide. It shows a regular service of every 12 months. This is way different than the old Elan I had, which was every 6 months. The things checked and replaced are much less too.

Can somebody from Lotus, or somebody with a low number like #1, or #2 post the schedule for the US Elise for the rest of us? I'm wondering if the federalized one will have the same type of schedule. At my high number, I won't be seeing the service guide in hand for a year at least;)

Is this a function of the sophistication of the new engine, chassis, etc? Maybe it's since this car is much more manual than the Elan.

This makes me happy as I won't have to make special trips to the dealer as often if the US one is the same.

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