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Actually, the wireless portion is already set up. Easiest network setup I've ever done. :) First impressions - the signal (802.11n) is already noticeably stronger than that of my previous router (Linksys wrt54gx) which was pretty good in it's own right. I have plaster walls, and there were some dead spots in the place, but none now.

Time Capsule is currently backing up; I imagine it will take overnight to complete, but I'm stoked! It's nice to know that from now on, no matter where I'm operating my MacBook, I'll be constantly wirelessly backing up my hard drive. I bought the 500GB model which should be more than enough for both me and Ashley. The backup speed is pretty impressive so far - I previously had a firewire 800 drive hooked up and this one is keeping a nice pace.

As for printers, I have two connected to the network through Time Capsule, one HP Laser by ethernet, the other wireless. The HP was set itself up before I even tried.

Hopefully the reliability factor will be high; I'll report back after a trial period. Anyone else hook a Time Capsule up yet?
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