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just curious, anyone know anything about this car?

As I recall, a couple people in FL got caught illegally importing Elises under the "visitation" importation - in which you can import one car for a couple of years given that you are a foriegn citizen, but you cannot sell the car while you're here & you have to send it back after those couple of years are up. Those people that got caught imported 9 (I think) and sold them all. I wonder if this is one of those cars resurfacing... it does have EU plates... it is in FL... it claims that all 36,000 miles have come from US roads.... hmmm.....

Makes me think of the guy in TX who got his car (one of the illegally imported FL Elises) seized by customs. :(

edit: just found the old post from another board about the illegal Elise importer, it was made on Dec. 11, 2002 (that's when the story hit the news) and it was on a FL tv station. The article is no longer there.
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