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So yesterday afternoon my Evora GT finally arrived, and she's a beauty!

I say finally, but it only took about a week from Florida to the metro Portland, OR area, so it was really short to be honest. We try to do it like the English up here, so it was raining of course, but I already had her out on a short drive, and can't wait for nicer weather this Saturday to put in a few more miles.

First thoughts from my family:
Wife: Loves it. Seat is hard for her to get close enough for a good driving position (5'4") so she might need a lumbar pad or something to feel better. She's a great driver so we plan to share usage as much as possible.
Daughter 1 (High School): "Don't pick me up or drop me off in that! The kids will think that we are rich and just have this because we're white" (who knows, especially as she is half hispanic). Before bed though she was changing her tune after seeing it in the garage and said, "It is pretty. I would prefer red, but I do like it. I need some more driving lessons so I can drive it, but it'll be hard to get close enough to work the clutch." (she's 5'1")
Daughter 2 (Middle School): I picked her up in it, so seeing it in her school parking lot was her first impression. She loves it! She loves seeing the motor and things move while looking out the back. She can't wait to have the engine broken-in so we can "go fast." This same kid wants to be a brain surgeon, "So I can buy the car Dr. Strange has." You go for it kid!

I've yet to form full impressions of my own from the 5 miles I drove, but today I'll be doing a virtual delivery with my salesperson and will have a better idea after putting 50 or 60 miles in on Saturday.

Happy to finally be an official member of the club!


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Congratulations on your GT purchase!
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