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Shifter carts -- Wow!

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I just completed the "Ultimate Shifter Kart" course at Bondurant in Phoenix. If you have never tried cart racing you have to. It was amazing. The little carts go 0 -100 mph in 6 sec., can pull 2.5 g's in the corners and go 100-0 in 4 seconds. After the three hour course my arms were tired and my body was sweating That was the best driving experience I have had. One of the most surprizing things was getting into my wifes Cadillac CTS-V after the course. The Caddy felt smooth, gentle and easy to drive after driving the carts. That's not the feeling I had before driving the carts. I had thought the Caddy was raw and powerful. If the Elise is anything like the carts it will truly be an awesome driving experience. I want my Elise and I want to drive the shifter carts again!!!
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azstar said:
I just completed the "Ultimate Shifter Kart" course at Bondurant in Phoenix.
Yes, I went on that one - lots of fun! Quite satisfying when you finally get it all together and nail the long straight going up through all the gears...:) And of course, they are fun when they spin (oops!).

Bondurant has another course out at PIR where you get to drive Formula Fords - even for us novices you get to experience some pretty good G forces...:)
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