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Shop Manual Question

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Does the shop manual(the one we can purchase and download) give complete details on body dis-assembly and re-assembly?

This is for a 2005 Elise if it makes a difference.
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Yes, the only thing missing is the engine, which is available from Toyota in Europe (do a search for threads on this.) The manual is very detailed on clam and door removal with pictures of the fastener locations...Dave
Thanks I wil go ahead and download then.
However there are some missing bits...

Yes, the manual covers the removal of various panels. However there are some errors, such as one set of fasteners are not mentioned when removing the front clam. It is easy enough to see which they are and remove them.

There are various descriptions of how to remove the front and rear clam, both here and on some personal sites. I suggest you review them.

My front clam removal is at

Have fun,

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