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This weekend I found myself in a bind. I've been testing some aftermarket axles that turned out to be garbage. In any case after 6 runs this one is vibrating like crazy. Pulled it out and pulled out my spare stocker..... Damn. I left the axle nut at home! The new axle uses a different nut, so I am hosed.

First I called Kris at DRS, but he was up at Laguna. Tried the dealer, they couldn't get anything before tuesday. Lastly, I called Knucklehead and he knows a guy that knows a guy.

Anyway I drive up to South Bay Autohaus after speaking with Quis. Quis is fairly well known and well-regarded in the LA area. He pulled one off of one of "parts" cars and just told me "send it back to me next week". Wow. That you don't forget.

If you're looking for service in the downtown LA area, give these guys a shot!
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