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I have a 2017 Evora 400. Metallic racing green with the black pack. Love the look of the car but considering some exterior mods and wanted to see if anyone had any thoughts or first hand experience.

GTE Radiator Vent Louvers | HethelSport

Side Skirts (Barge Boards) | HethelSport or

GT4 Side Intake Scoops | HethelSport

I'm pretty convinced I'll like the look of the barge boards and the radiator vent louvers. Not 100% sure if the side intake scoops will enhance or take away from the overall look.

1) I'm considering painting all parts gloss black to match the black pack. Carbon fiber would look nice but I think it might contrast with the gloss black everywhere else. Anyone done this on the barge boards? Does it contrast noticeably with the matte black of the vinyl black pack

2) Anyone have any experience or thoughts on the barge boards of GRP vs Hethelsport? GRP is significantly cheaper

3) Any experience with the side intake scoops? Does it look like a cheap stuck on or enhance the overall aesthetics.

Thanks for any input!
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