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Simple comparison of Elise to AMG SLK>>>

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Was pondering the size issue of the since the two cars were side by side... wheel base within a inch of each other (SLK is the longer of the two), width is close..

and in height the SLK is noticeably taller...but also the windshield starts much further back on the SLK>>>

Very different cars to experience...interestingly the AMG SLK wins in the power to weight ratio.. Elise sits at 10.1 lbs per HP and the SLK is 9.35 lbs per HP (our SLK has be dynoed consistently at 360 hp eventhough AMG advertises the supercharged V6 as 349 hp...AMG states they only show minimum output and most of their engines will do the fellow who built the engine in this SLK just did a little better thus the higher output (also does 335 lbs torque...this machine scoots!)...

End of my musings for now...
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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